Getting Up Unfolding


Collection 02 is inspired by bed linen and the process of getting out of bed. The movement from being wrapped in your bed linen - lying down, to get up and unfolding - preparing for the day to come.

The collection is created in coherence with several installation pieces. Classic bed linen and the final silhouettes has the same starting point which you will be able to recognise when discovering Collection 02.

The installation pieces and parts of the collection will be showcased in the fashion film “Getting Up - Unfolding” setting the concept and atmosphere for the project.

Collection 02 is produced in Denmark and in Lithuania. All fabrics are dead stocks sourced from Portugal and Danish Kvadrat. The garments are designed and constructed with a particular interest in complimenting the quality of the fabric and the unique silhouettes.

All styles comes in a limited quantity to create as little waste as possible.

The film is made in collaboration with Mathias Nyholm Schmidt.