A way to lead the hand

Manner is the first collection and installation from the brand SLOTH ROUSING. The collection and installation are developed side by side and are therefore closely connected. In the installation piece shirts and a tablecloth are united and create a unique dinner scene. 

During Copenhagen Fashion week a performance was made in which 6 persons were having a dinner together while wearing the installation. Food was served and the table was set for what seemed like a conventional dinner. While performers consumed the carefully curated courses, the setting changed with spills staining the installation turning the tablecloth into reflecting Sloth Rousing’s first collection. During the performance models were serving the table while wearing the Manner Collection and by interacting with the ever-changing installation, creating a continuous balance between the collection, worn on the body, and the table, explored through the performance. In the film MANNER you see the story of the dinner party turning the installation into a colorful piece. 

The project MANNER seeks to tell a story on how traces are made from the movements of our hands.

Performance dinner made in collaboration with Anna Clarisse Holck Wæhrens. Film made in collaboration with Mathias Nyholm Schmidt.